Games is at the core of everything we do

We've been developing games for 10+ years and have worked on a range of deployments of Apps and games for various platforms. Our primary expertise is Unity3D and Xamarin Forms though have touched on quite a few other techs as well. Most sought after skillsets are Jenkins/CI, NUnit (Xamarin Test Cloud and writing NUnit tests for a range of Unity projects), server (microservices and application security) and 3rd party SDK integrations (10+ ad networks/mediation providers, 9 analytics providers + a wide range of other services). Overall decent at crunching analytics and helping develop corporate strategy. We have deployed Apps/Games to iOS, Android (Play Store and a few others), Amazon, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Chrome Store, Mac store and Web (Unity plugin and HTML5)

Our client list includes Megapop Games, Red Thread Games, Attensi, Computas, Megacool, Global Resources, 77 Sparx, JumpSeeWow and a few more. Subcontracted to companies like Norsk Tipping, Rikstoto, Norsk Luftambulanse, Avinor, Norske Redningsselskap, Marama Gaming, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Kahoot and several others.

Delivered photo app services to brands like Hello Kitty, Domo, Charuca, Stoop!d Monkey, Tokidoki, Three Stooges, So So Happy, Punky Princess, Skelanimals, Garfield, It's Snappy Bunny, Smiley, Hoops & Yoyo, .

Our skills in a nutshell:

Unity3D (10 years exp)


Xamarin Forms


Native iOS/Android


Extra platforms/skills:

Updates deployed
SDK's implemented
Projects Done
Happy Clients


Here's some of our work for recent clients.
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A new genre-defining experience where tower defense meets pinball. Physics elements are key to destroy the attackers and many new twists to classical Tower Defense is added. Your goal is to protect your home from invasion and your lineup consists of many unique towers that you'll unlock throughout your journey. Build fast or be destroyed by your enemy. Good luck chief!
<b>Red Thread Games is an independent developer and self-publisher based in downtown Oslo, Norway.</b><br><br>

Our mission is to create games with soul — games featuring mature narratives, multicultural worlds and diverse characters, and unconventional game mechanics — across multiple genres and platforms.
<b>Finding innovative ways
to support complex organizational change</b><br><br>
How can you prepare 5000 employees to adopt new procedures, and new technology in a new hospital? The Ostfold Hospital Trust used an Attensi gamified 3D simulation to successfully train employees BEFORE the hospital opened. Attensi’s 3D virtual worlds are ideal for learning, growing and developing in a safe environment.
<b>Stunning gameplay GIFs</b><br><br>
Megacool offers a unique way to capture and share GIFs. This enables players to easily invite their friends with rich and engaging previews. Let the players spread the word about your awesome game!
<b>Trolls vs Vikings 2</b></br></br>Tower defense EVOLVED - Full of action, crushing attacks, massive raids and deep tactical choices, Trolls vs Vikings 2 is strategy gaming at its finest<a href="https://www.facebook.com/fredrikkaupang" target="_blank">
The company was established in 2012, and was founded by some of the most experienced and innovative online game developers in Europe.<br><br>

After more than 20 years in the games industry, having worked on a range of number #1 hits, we have gained unique insights into art, technology, user experience and engagement. Creating great digital experiences, be it a game, an app or a VR experience, is something we are masters at.
In a remote tropical island, there lives a collection of monsters. They live for Milkshake, and for Milkshake only. Their whole existence is based around this delicious drink, which they cannot survive without. Do you wish to make the cute monsters happy by helping them drill for Milkshake?<br><br>

Like a classic puzzler, connect the straws to fill the monster's glass with their favorite flavor. But you have to hurry, before time runs out! Your job, is to help the Milkshake enthusiast connect the pipes underground, so you can serve him his favorite drink of all time!<br><br>

Can you navigate through locations like the Vanilla Bay, Chocolate Lake and Strawberry Volcano?
<b>"The players take their position and the crowd begins to roar, but something’s missing….the ball"</b><br><br>

Test your football brain by guessing the position of the ball in each live action photo. Guess correctly before the clock runs down and win promotion to higher leagues. Start with the mud and chaos of Park Football, and end with the bright lights of the Premier League. See if you can earn the coveted title of ‘BallSpotter’.


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